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About Pega Course Training and Certification

Karthik Training provides the best Pega Training in Hyderabad and across the globe. Pega is a one-of-a-kind software with a no-code/low-code platform powering the BPM market for years. As a result, it is currently in great demand on the market.

The course will cover right from basics to advanced level topics. It also covers two certification concepts, i.e., PCSA and PCSSA. The course covers all interview-related questions and real-time scenarios.

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Pega Software Training Course Syllabus

Introduction Session 1
  • Brief Introduction about Pega  
  • Web Applications  
  • Purpose of Pega tool  
  • Understanding ‘No Code-Low Code’ with Pega 
  • Understanding ‘Build for Change’ with Pega 
Introduction Session 2
  • What is BPM  
  • What is Process  
  • BPM Methodology  
  • Features of Pega 
Introduction Session 3
  • Installation Procedure 
  • About Certifications  
  • Job Opportunities on Pega 
  • Project Explanation
Introduction About Classes
  • Abstract Classes
  • Concrete Classes  
  • Class Group  
  • Types of Inheritance  
  • Direct and Pattern Inheritance  
  • Introduction about rules 
Working with Application
  • Application Creation using Application Express  

  •  Operators  

  •  Class Structure 

  •  App Layer vs Data Layer 

Flow Processing
  • Work Object Creation  
  • Types of flows  
  • Standard Flow  
  • Screen Flow  
  • Sub Flows 
Working with Properties
  • Properties and their types 
  • Page, Page List and Page Groups properties 
Debugging Tools
  • Tracer  
  • Live UI  
  • Clipboard 
  •  Working with Flow Actions  
  • Validations  
  • Pre and Post Processing 
Data types
  • Understanding Infrastructure  
  • Primary keys  
  • Class Keys 
Report Definition
  • Reporting  
  • Joins  
  • Retrieving Data from Tables  
  • List with Report Definition 
  • Implementing Business Logics  
  • Working On Pages like Primary, 
  • Steps Pages etc 
  •  Rule-Obj Methods 
Data Transforms
  • Implements Business logics  
  • Sourcing for a List  
  • When Rules  
  • Loops  
  • Expression Builder 
  • Data Pages  
  • Declarative Rules  
  • Source Data Page to List 
Rule Sets
  • Versions  
  • Types  
  • Branches  
  • Checkouts  
  • Private Edits 
Case Management
  • Case Types 
  •  Case Designer  
  • Stages, Process, Steps  
  • Basic Shapes  
  • Smart Shapes  
  • Advanced Shapes 
  •  Covered/Cover Cases 
  •  Processor Modellar 
Rule Resolution Algorithm
  • Working with an Example  
  • Availability of Rules  
  • Class Hierarchy 
  •  Export Import Process 
  •  Application Packaging  
  • RuleSet Packaging 
  • What are Web Services 
  •  Introduction to Connectors SOAP 
  •  Introduction Service SOAP 
  •  Implementing SOAP Connector and Service.
  • Introduction to Connectors REST
  • Introduction Service REST
  • Implementing REST Connector and Service. 
Working with External Tables
  • RDB Methods
  • SQL Connect Rule
  • Implementing File listeners

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Video gives clarity on Pega Platform
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end of the session Karthik Trainer
discusses in general questions that
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Pega, who can learn this platform
and many more.

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Our trainers are very enthusiastic and passionate about delivering Mulesoft training with quality. They guide, inspire, and motivate you in all the aspects AIM for, our ultimate motto!

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Pega Training Course FAQ’s

What is Pega?

Pega is a platform used to build web applications simply. We can design, develop, test, and deploy the applications in this environment. Pega platform uses No-code/Low-code feature to make the application based on rule forms (it’s a form-based development).

Who can learn Pega?

Pega is a platform that is independent of coding. Practically 90percent of the time, we don’t use any coding language to build the applications, So it’s a code-independent platform. Anyone who has a basic understanding of an application can learn Pega and become a part of this platform. Refer to our blog A Beginners guide to Pega Course

What are prerequisites to learn Pega?

Pega is a platform-independent from coding, and technically, there is no prerequisite to understanding/learning Pega. However, having java knowledge will be an added advantage.

Certifications in Pega

Certifications on Pega are based on the role that you are playing on the platform. If you are a Pega developer, there are 3 levels of certifications

PCSA(Pega Certified System architect)

PCSA(Pega Certified Senior System Architect)

PCLSA(Pega Certified Lead System Architect)

The first level certification is mandatory for anyone who wants to be a Pega developer.

Job Opportunities in pega

Demand for the Pega Platform is increasing exponentially, and so is the number of opportunities. There is a shortage of skilled Pega developers in the market and getting a job call is not a big deal. Opportunities are plenty, but whether I am up to the mark in terms of the platform knowledge. If you have a proper skillset getting a job is not a big deal on Pega.

Pega demand in the market

The number of companies accepting this platform is exponentially increasing, and it’s into almost every industry in the market. This demand will surge in the future, and Pega has a long way to go in tomorrow!

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