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Microsoft Power BI online training from Karthik Trainings will make you a professional and get you certified. We have the best curriculum designed for Power BI training, where we will deliver Quality training, 24X7 support, Real-Time project implementation, and Interview preparation. In addition, we have real-time trainers who have experience molding the students to achieve their career goals. So come and join us in making a better world tomorrow with the power of technology.

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Power BI Online Training from KarthikTrainings

Become a Power BI professional from our expert trainers who help you in every aspect to achieve your career goal. We have designed the course, which gives you a deep insight into real-time work. Our trainers deliver training with quality and teach you the concepts in a simple way of understanding. Our primary motto is to simplify concepts with our extraordinary teaching skills. In addition, we will make sure you get certified, which is a 100 percent assurance from our side, and prepare students for interview clearance. As a part of the course, we also help you get interview calls from companies and prepare you for getting through the interview process.

Our primary goal is to get better placement for every individual who enrolls in a training program with us.
What makes it unique from other training institutes is the kind of support and guidance we provide to our candidates for a lifetime. Power BI has a good number of job opportunities in the market and if we have a proper skillset getting a job is not a big deal. The only thing that students lag is the technical skill where we provide the necessary technicalities to meet the company’s expectations. So come and join us to make your dreams come true, which is our dream.

Power BI training

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Power BI Training Syllabus

Module1 - Connecting Data Sources
  •  Supported Data Sources
  •   Importing Data from files (Excel and flat files)
  •   Importing Data from Databases (Access, SQL)
  •   Importing Data from Web URLs
  •   Importing Data from Google sheets
Module 2 - Data Modeling
  •  Create a Relationship using Auto-detect and Custom relations
  •  Introduction to Query Editor
  •  Various Data Transformations
  •  Overview of Data and Relationship Views
Module3 - Using DAX
  • Overview of DAX
  •  Use DAX to Create New Columns
  •  Use DAX to Create New Measure
  •  Using DAX Functions
  •  Date and Time Functions
  •  Time Intelligence Functions
  •  Filter Functions
  •  Information Functions
  •  Logical Functions
  •  Math and Trig Functions
  •  Statistical Functions
  •  Text Functions
  •  Note: There would be roughly 25 different DAX functions that would be covered in the session.
Module4 - Visualizing Data
  • Selecting Right Visualization
  •  Grid; Cards; Treemap; Scatter Plot
  •  Donut Chart; Waterfall Chart; Map; Gauge Chart
  •  Creating Mobile Layout
  •  Custom Visuals: Download and Import Custom visuals
  •  Create Mobile Specific View
  •  Creating Dynamic axis for graphs
  •  Creating Dynamic text
  •  Working with Bookmarks
Module5 - Interactivity and Analytics
  • Basic and Advanced sorting
  •  Various levels for filter (Visual level, Page level and Report level)
  •  Working with Slicers
  •  Interactivity
  •  Drilling
  •  Conditional Formatting
  •  Add an Image to a View
  •  Using Analytics Pane
  •  Creating templates (dynamic filters using parameters)
Module6 - Publishing to PowerBI Service
  • Setting up a service account
  •  Setting a workspace
  •  Publishing contents to PowerBI service
  •  Create sharable link / embed code
  •  Quick Insights
Module 7 - Setting up Gateway for Auto Refresh
  • Download and Configure Personal Gateway
  •  Schedule Data Refresh
Module8 - Creating Dashboards
  • Creating Dashboard using reports
  •  Creating separate views for mobile and web
  •  Adding Text widgets to dashboard
  •  Adding Image widgets to dashboard
  •  Adding HTML widgets to dashboard
  •  Adding Video widgets to dashboard
  •  Exploring queries using natural language
Module9 - Roles and Permissions
  • How to setup a PowerBI service account
  •  Creating Roles using PowerBI desktop and assigning data filters to it
  •  How to assign users to an existing role
  •  Granting permissions to other users (public workspace)
  •  Granting permissions to other users (object level)

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I am delighted to be part of karthik trainings as I shaped my career from non-IT to IT professional!! Got the placement with trainer support and assistance which made my entry into MNC simple.
I really thank karthik who made this happen


One thing that always comes to my mind when I speak about karthik Trainings is the Quality and One stop shop for all technology related things. In my opinion Karthik Trainings is the best institute for any true technology aspirant


Karthik Trainings is a place where I shaped myself into an expert in the technology that I opted for. Session quality with real time scenarios is the best thing that I can say which is unique. Work support which is delivered with working professionals is of good quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll for Power BI training?

Any one with some basic computer knowledge can enroll for the course. There are no specific knowledge you should have before coming to Power BI.

Job Opportunities on Power BI

There are a huge number of openings on Power BI where we see candidates lag the skill to get through the interviews. We are here to provide a proper skill set and make students reach companies’ expectations.

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