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Selenium Course Training Syllabus Covers

Overview and Introduction to Selenium FrameWork
  • Brief Introduction about Selenium Framework
  • Differences between Selenium and other Automation tools
  • Understanding Features of Selenium Framework
  • Understanding Automation testing
  • Different Types of Testing
  • Manual vs Automation Testing
Selenium Components
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium WebDriver 3
  • Selenium Grid
Working with Selenium IDE and Development scripts
  • Developing the scripts in IDE 
  • Understanding of the objects identification (id,name) 
  • Understanding Test cases and test suites
  • Synchronization in selenium IDE(Wait commands) 
  • When to use Selenium IDE 
  • How to put validations (assert,verify) 
  • How to read text/values from webpage (store commands) 
  • How to handle mouse ,keyboard events 
  • Limitations of IDE 
  • We can Run the Recording scripts against other browsers by using selenium Web driver 
  • Writing java program and running
Working and Configuring Eclipse IDE for java Selenium Automation
  • Creating a java project for Automation
  • Creating java class in the Project created
  • Executing the class created
  • Understanding the process of getting the Output 

Decisioning – Configuring Conditional Statements

  •  Working on below configurations
  • If condition (Simple If)
  • If else condition (Simple If-Else)
  • If else if condition (Nesting of IF’s) 
  • Switch case statement 
  • Examples for all the above conditions
Understanding Java wrt to Selenium
  • Introduction to java programming 
  • Data Types in java 
  • Primitive Data types 
  • Wrapper Classes 
  • Declaring Variables
Working with Loop Statements
  • While loop 
  • Do While 
  • For loop 
  • For each loop 
  • Examples for all the above loops
Learning how to handle Exceptions and errors
  • Overview about exceptions and errors 
  • Handling exceptions in the automation scripts
  • Using try and catch blocks 
  • Different Types of Exceptions and understanding them 
  • Understanding and working on :  Throws , Throw and Throwable 
Understanding Object Oriented programming Concepts: Class
  • Understanding Class and its importance
  • Class Methods and Properties
  • Creating object for the classes
  • How to access fields and methods in the class 
  • Understanding Constructors 
  • Different types of classes i.e abstract,final class 
  • Variable Types (instance ,local,static) 


  • Understanding in detail about  polymorphism 
  • Working on Methods overloading 
  • Working on Constructor overloading 
  • How to Pass parameters/arguments to methods 
  • Calling methods in the class 
  • Working with Returning values from the method 
  • Working with Returning objects from method 
  • Working on arguments with call by value and  call by reference 


  • What is inheritance and its importance in the Object oriented programming approach
  • Reusing the fields and methods of class which is Parent/Cover class
  • Working with Overriding fields and methods of a parent class 
  • What is Single inheritance 
  • What is Multilevel inheritance 
  • Understanding importance of super keyword 
  • Working on composition/ Aggregation 
  • Differences : inheritance vs composition


  • Understanding interface concept
  • Class vs Interface : understanding the differences
  • Working on Scenarios with Interfaces and Abstract classes

Encapsulation and abstraction

  • Understanding the concept of Encapsulation 
  • Working with access specifiers i.e Public ,Private and  Protected 
  • How to Access public methods in a different class
  • Difference in accessing in same package / different package  
Working with Packages
  • Complete understanding about Packages 
  • Working with Packages like Creating and importing
Understanding and Working with Collections
  • Evolution of collections 
  • How collections are used over arrays
  • Operations like add ,remove,and insert value /elements into collections 
  • Using the collections like List,Set,Array list, Hash Table 
  • Working with table elements 
  • Reading Data from Table 
  • Using Actions class 
  • Handling keyboard,mouse events
Working with Database Connection(JDBC)
  • SQL Server 
  • My SQL 
  • Oracle
Working with Web Driver
  • Overview to Web Driver
  • Comparing selenium RC with Selenium WebDriver 
  • Preparation : Configure Eclipse IDE (Adding selenium Libraries) 
  • Running on Firefox Driver Chrome ,IE, safari, Opera,Api 
  • Learning Browser Commands 
  • Working with Web Driver Interaction Commands 
  • Working with Web Driver Supported Locator names: 
  • Understanding Id,Name,linktext,partiallinktext 
  • Tagname,Xpath,css,classname 
  • Learning and writing Xpath, types of Xpaths 
  • Working with Different Elements and programming 
  • Edit Boxes,checkbox,Radio Buttons 
  • Buttons,Links 
  • Selecting values from a Dropdown list 
  • Understanding xpath to locate elements in web page 
  • Running scripts on different browsers
Understanding and working on Data Driven Testing
  • Overview about Data Driven Testing 
  • How to parameterize the data to the script using excel 
  • Reading ,Writing data into Excel 
  • How to parameterize data to the script using Flat files
How to Debug Scripts in Eclipse
  • Understanding the process of Debugging
  • Importance of Using Breakpoints during debugging
  • Verify the values during debug 
  • Using step over ,step into
Working on Windows Handling
  • Working on how we handle multiple browser sessions
  • Working on alerts 
  • Working on  Frames 
  • Handling windows alerts using (Auto it /sikuli)
Understanding and Recognizing elements on webpage by Using xpath ,DOM, CSS
  • Executing java scripts with Selenium webDriver 
  • Working with duplicate elements and handling them
  • Working with  dynamically changing elements in the DOM
  • Working with the Regular expressions
Working with other Browsers
  • Understanding how to Configure IE browser 
  • Understanding how to Configure Chrome browser 
  • Executing the automation scripts on different browsers
Understanding and Working on TestNG Framework
  • Overview about TestNG 
  • Creating TestNG.xml file and setting up the configuration
  • Integration of selenium scripts with TestNG and running the scripts on TestNG     framework
  • Working with the Report Results & understanding the reports generated 
  • Executing the Scripts from Multiple Browsers
  • Using and understanding TestNG Annotations 
  • Tags in TestNG xml File Groups
Working with Page Object Model Framework
  • Understating page object model 
  • Advantages of using page object model 
  • Working with scripts Using page Object Model 
  • Creating Repository class, Using properties file 
  • Execution of scripts Using page Object Model 
  • Generating Log files (log4j)
Working with MAVEN
  • Setting up maven in Local Machines
  • Creating Maven project 
  • Importing Maven project in Eclipse 
  • Understanding of POM .xml 
  • Maven Integration with TestNG 
  • Executing Scripts Using Maven build tool 
  • Advantages Maven Tool
Understanding Automation Life Cycle
  • What is Framework 
  • Types of Framework 
  • Modular Framework 
  • Data Driven Framework 
  • Keyword Driven Framework 
  • Hybrid Framework 
  • Use of Framework 
  • How Develop The Framework 
  • Integration of the Framework 
  • How execute the scripts from Frame work
Working with JENKINS
  • Introduction to Jenkins 
  • Installing Jenkins with selenium 
  • Setting up a continuous integration and a continuous deployment environment 
  • Creating jobs in jenkins tool 
  • Scheduling jobs for timely execution 
  • Integration with selenium scripts and running scripts 
  • Configure mail notification in jenkins 
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Selenium Course Training FAQ’s

What are job opportunities on Selenium?

Selenium openings are huge in the IT market; almost all Companies use Selenium as their Automation framework in Their test plan, which demands more selenium testers. But, unfortunately, there is a scarcity of selenium testers in the market.

Is coding required to learn Selenium

To automate the test use cases there should be a scripting language, mostly Java is used for scripting    

Is Selenium an open source

Yes, Selenium is open-source no licensing fee is required.

A non IT background student can learn Selenium

Yes, students with Non-IT backgrounds can also learn Selenium.

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