What Makes Selenium Webdriver Superior to Other Automation Tools?

The stats have revealed that by 2025 the global test automation market for the US will reach about $9.69 billion. This specifies a significant increase in demand for test automation services. They have made things quite efficient and allowed businesses to save time for their daily operations. Besides periodic implementations and reduction in human efforts, a great business advantage of using test automation is accuracy. Software development practices have brought in radical changes with time. The new technologies and tool changes aim to improve productivity, quality and reduce delivery time.

The software testing services play a vital role in helping achieve the goals and keep up with the increased demand for test automation tools. Of all the automated tools available now, Selenium undoubtedly stands out in the place. As an open-source tool, it can easily be used for web applications. Selenium has been developed keeping in mind infrastructure and DevOps workflow. Although the response for Selenium at first was not satisfactory, it has come a long way and is now considered to be the most used test automation tool.


How is Selenium better?

Given the broad uses of Selenium as an automation testing tool, it is pretty clear that it provides the business great convenience and results. No doubt, in the coming time, it will take over the business space requirements and will be used for almost every business for automating their flow. This clearly shows that Selenium is the best automation tool available in the market right now. Check out the reasons why it is considered to be better than others.

1. Open-source

A great benefit that Selenium provides is that it is open-source, which offers features for QTP and is freer of cost. Businesses can directly install it from the official website. Besides, as it is a community, based proper support system is provided.

2. Language support

A fantastic benefit of Selenium is multilingual support for automation testing. The platform support all the programming languages that the tester might know, like PHP, Python, Java. It has a customized language, but it also offers binding to make a programming language. This adds flexibility for web developers. They can choose to use the programming language in their comfort zone.

3. Works across multiple OS

Selenium works great in supporting multiple OS. Herein it can be used over any platform of requirement. It is possible to create a test case for the windows and execute it on the Mac.

4. Cross-browser compatibility testing

The benefits of using Selenium have expanded greatly. It can be used on all browsers. So, you can now test on, Safari and other browsers while executing the website’s cross-browser testing. Selenium provides a solution that once automated can handle things well.

5. Supports multiple frameworks

It is quite easy to integrate Selenium with other frameworks like compiling the source code. Further, it is also integrated for application testing. It has the capability to integrate for the continuous automated build.

6. Easy to implement

Selenium is highly user-friendly, which makes it a great benefit of using the platform for automation testing. Being open-source, it allows the users to scrap the personalize extension, which helps them develop access that can be customized and manipulated once the user has reached an advanced level.

7. Cross-device testing

Having proper support across multiple devices is yet another benefit one can get with Selenium automated testing tool. So, it is possible to write test cases for blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc. Thus, it helps in addressing the cross-device issues.

8. Leveraging the code

Selenium also provides the advantage of improving the test cycles. By making use of development codes, Selenium can now utilize the language that the developers use to ease out the work. For instance, when the tester wants to verify the date field updated in the database, the tester, instead of going for an indirect verification by browsing another page, can pull the data model used by the application without worrying about automating the data flow.

9. Advanced browser interactions

Selenium makes it possible to stimulate advanced interactions like clicking the front buttons and browser tags. There is no such software available that can provide automated testing. It is beneficial for testing front tech applications. The one that involves online money transfers or applications or those with no cache or cookies storage.

10. Adds on

When Selenium is used for writing a script, it supports browser compatibility testing. Thus it is now possible for the tester to run multiple testing scenarios using Selenium as it covers every testing aspect. The add-ons can now be customized for widening the scope of testing. Thus, the application seems to be of great benefit for automation testing.

11. Keyboard and mouse cursor stimulation

A great feature of using Selenium is that it can be made real user scenarios by handling the keyboard and mouse events. The advanced user interactions here consists of the action classes which is required when the events must be executed. One can now automate simple scenarios like a mouse click as well as complex events based on the requirement.



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