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Karthik Trainings Workday course provides quality and career support. We value students’ ambitions to make a difference in the technology space, and our course structure offers a thorough grasp of Workday through real-time examples. To better understand commercial use cases, we create a real-time project.

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Workday Training Online from Karthik Trainings

Karthik Trainings Workday Online training course provides you with the best training from our industry experts. We are committed to enhancing our students’ skills and grooming them to match industry expectations on Workday in the HCM space. We value our students’ dreams to make a difference in technology and strive to succeed. We help them achieve their dreams in the HCM space in every aspect. We are committed to delivering quality training from industry experts, real-time project explanation, and implementation during the course. 24X7 support to complete their daily tasks, resume preparation and marketing to top MNC’s, explain interview questions and make them ready for interviews, and support their job-related tasks once they join in a job.

We are the only training institute in the Workday training space where we give career guidance support throughout life. So it’s like enrolling us one time and getting support for a lifetime, which is a unique thing that you find. Our primary motto is to make students achieve their technology goal, and we are committed to shaping the students from our experts.

Join us and enroll in the Workday Online training program and become a professional in the Workday space. We will guide you through the path and hit the goal. We expect our candidates to follow the guidelines that we plan for their career growth, and showing consistent output will lead to success. We are the ones who follow “Success is a result of proper planning, learning and making right decisions at the right time.” We wish you all the best for your success and growth!

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Online WorkDay Training Syllabus

Module 1 : Workday Reports
  1. An Overview on Reporting
    1. Reporting Overview and Browsing Reports
    2. Working on Standard reports 
    3. Customising the reports
  2. Building Custom Reports
    1. Terminology used in reporting
    2. Exploring Report Data Source
    3. Fields in Class Reports
    4. Business Objects details reports
    5. Contextual reporting and creating a custom report
    6. Editing Related Business Objects fields
  3. Working with Sorting and filtering 
    1. Sorting scenario
    2. Filtering scenarios
  4. Exploring Prompting
    1. Exploring end to end scenarios on Prompting
  5. Grouping , Outlining and Totalling
    1. Scenarios on Grouping
    2. Scenarios on Outlining 
    3. Scenarios on Totaling
  6. Security features on reporting
    1. Security Model 
    2. CRUD operations on Reports
    3. Access on Reports
  7. Scheduling Reports
    1. Scheduling Reports
    2. Scheduled Future Process
    3. Process Monitor
  8. Reports Performance
    1. Parameters impacts Performance
    2. Testing and Debugging
Module 2 : Integration : EIB
  1. EIB- Enterprise Interface Builder : Overview
    1. Exploring Integration Architecture
    2. Design Patterns
    3. Building and Launching Integrations
    4. Security setup for EIB’s
  2. Outbound EIB
    1. Raas : Reporting as a Service
    2. Enterprise interface for Outbound
    3. Integration Launching
    4. Schedule and Integration
    5. Working with Dynamic Files and 
    6. Working on Notifications
  3. Transformations 
    1. Custom report transformation
    2. Custom transformation
    3. XML elements and attributes
    4. Report-as-a-Service and custom transformation
  4. Delivery
    1. Delivering an External File
    2. Emails
  5.  EIB and Workday Web Service
    1. Workday Public Web Services
    2. Custom transformations and Web Services
    3. Importing an XML File using EIB and XSLT
  6. Inbound EIB with templates
    1. Loading bulk data into Workday using EIB
    2. Spreadsheet Templates
    3. Create inbound integration system
    4. View Template module
    5. Generate Spreadsheet template
    6. Integration IDs
    7. Business process guidelines
    8. Launching a template-based inbound EIB
  7. Troubleshooting Inbound EIB
    1. Business Process Status
    2. Integration Error Handling
    3. Integration Exception Reports
    4. Edit an Integration Attachment
  8. Customizing the Template Model
    1. View and Edit Template Model
    2. Populating generated templates
    3. Customizing template model
  9. Advanced Inbound EIB 
    1. Generate spreadsheet template with data
    2. Inbound EIBs for import web services
Module 3 : Calculated Fields
  1. Core Connector: Worker
    1. Core Connector: Worker
    2. Integration System Services
    3. Integration Attributes
    4. Integration Field Attributes
    5. Integration Field Overrides
    6. Integration Maps
    7. Access to Workday data
    8. Launching an Integration System
    9. Change detection
    10. Transaction Log
    11. Integration Audit Files
    12. Integration sequence generators
    13. Integration business process
  2.  Document Transformation
    1. The document transformation connector
    2. Chaining outbound connectors with document transformation
    3. Document transformation integration XSLT formatting
    4. Fixed length file scenario
    5. Delimited file scenario
    6. XML file scenario
    7. XML file scenario enhanced
    8. ETV and XTT scenario
    9. Changing document transformation system
  3. Inbound core connector
    1. Core connector: Organization inbound
    2. Document transformation with an inbound connector
Module 4 : Studios
  1. Getting started with Workday studio
    1. Overview
    2. What is workday studio?
    3. Workday studio security basics
    4. Workday studio navigation
    5. Workday studio platform
  2. Workday Studio – Collections
    1.  Integrations, Collections, and the Cloud Repository
    2.  Developing Integration Collections
    3.  Export Collections
    4.  Import Collections
    5.  Deploying workday studio projects to Workday
    6.  Source Code for Deployed Integration in Tenant
    7.  Version control
  3. Configuring Workday Studio Components
    1.  Workday studio samples
    2.  Assemblies
    3.  Workday-in Transport
    4. Deploying to Workday
    5. Modifying HelloCloud Components
  4. Building an Integration
    1. Creating assembly projects
  5. Architecture Overview
    1. Message Flow through assemblies
  6. Building an Integration with WWS
    1.  Use the Web Services Tester. Workday public web service
    2.  Calling a Workday web service operation from the Assembly 
Module 4 : Functional : HCM Concepts
  1. What is HCM?
  2. What is Workday?
  3. Organization, Job Profiles and Positions
  4. Compensation
  5. Hire
  6. Contingent Workers
  7. Staffing changes
  8. Termination
  9. Event Management
Module 5 : Practice Test & Interview Questions

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I am delighted to be part of karthik trainings as I shaped my career from non-IT to IT professional!! Got the placement with trainer support and assistance which made my entry into MNC simple.
I really thank karthik who made this happen

Ankit Saxena

One thing that always comes to my mind when I speak about karthik Trainings is the Quality and One stop shop for all technology related things. In my opinion Karthik Trainings is the best institute for any true technology aspirant


Karthik Trainings is a place where I shaped myself into an expert in the technology that I opted for. Session quality with real time scenarios is the best thing that I can say which is unique. Work support which is delivered with working professionals is of good quality.

Workday Online Training FAQ’s

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There are no specific criteria to learn Workday, you need to have some basic system computer-related knowledge.

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There are a good number of job opportunities for Workday in the market. Getting trained on Workday will give you exposure to real-time work.

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Certification is something which tells recruiters that you are a professional in Workday. We will train and make certification happen after the course is completed. We guarantee 100% certification on Workday!

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