Best Practices for Power BI Data Presentation

Power BI is the latest technology-driven intelligence that helps visualize and analyze raw data to present actionable information. It combines business data, visualization, analytics, and best practices that can work great for an organization to make data-driven decisions. Given how helpful it can be for the business, there has been great demand. The guide here will specify and mention every aspect of Power BI as it will help get a clear idea as to why it is considered the best.


Power BI – What is It?

It is a business analytics service. It allows businesses to visualize the data and insights by converting data from different sources. For example, the platform converts data from interactive dashboards and intelligence reports. Using this data, the software helps build charts and graphs for visualizing the data. When appropriately used, Power BI can reduce the hectic workload of the employees and make informed decisions.

Why is Power BI popular?

Mentioned here are the reasons behind the popularity of Power BI.

  • Access to data from multiple sources

The platform provides access to a significant volume of data from multiple sources. It allows businesses to view and visualize the quantity of data that cannot be opened in Excel. The services you can expect to get herein include Excel, PDF, CSV, etc. Power BI makes use of a strong compression algorithm that helps import and cache data within the.PBIX file

  • UI/UX features

Power BI is known to make things visually appealing. It comes with easy drag and drops functionality to copy the format across similar visualizations.

  • Great Excel integration

It can significantly help businesses gather, publish, analyze and share the Excel business data with anyone. A familiar person with a basic understanding of Office 365 can easily connect Excel queries and data models on the dashboards.

  • Accelerate big data presentation

When the platform is used with Azure, it will allow the business to analyze and share a significant volume of data. Azure data can reduce the time required to get the insights and collaborate between data engineers, business analytics, and data scientists.

  • Insights into actions

The platform allows businesses to get insights from data. It can be used and converted into actions to make business decisions that bring positive results.

  • Real-time stream analytics

Power BI is a vital tool that has performs real-time study. Also, you can fetch data from multiple sensors and social media platforms for getting access to the analytics in real-time. This will help you stay ready for making business decisions.



Power BI is a service that is built on top of Azure. There are multiple data sources that the software can easily connect to the text and allow you to create data visualization and reports on the data set. Power BI gets a way to stay connected to on-premise data. Besides, it helps with continuous data collection for reporting and analytics. Herein power bi services refer to the cloud service used to publish business reports. Using the same mobile app, you can stay connected to the data from anywhere. The application is now available for IOS, Android, and even windows platforms.


Power BI service

Power BI is a part of SaaS. It is known for helping access the service you need to login into the Power BI service. It will allow you to stay connected with the data and create dashboards. Also, it will help ask questions about your data.


Power BI dashboard

The software is a single-page visualization that clearly specifies the visualization generated from reports. Herein each report is based on a specific data set as it is a single page dashboard. It is known as Canvas. The visualization is known as the tiles and appears on the dashboard for report designers. Power BI will allow you to create different reports that are to be published on the Power BI desktop. This report can easily be published on the dashboard by making use of the Power BI service. No doubt, the software is here to ease all the processes and help the decision-making process, but understanding proper operations is extremely important to make the most of it.


Features of Power BI

Mentioned here are some of the greatest features of the platform.

  • Power BI desktop

It is free software that businesses can download and install absolutely free of cost. Also, it allows you to build reports by accessing the data quite easily. In simple words, for making use of the software, you need not have any advanced report designing or skills to build a report.

  • Stream analytics

A great advantage of using this software is support stream analytics. Right from factory sensors to social media sources, Power BI provides the results in real-time, which helps make timely decisions.

  • Multiple data source

The software supports various data sources, which happens to be one of the most vital features. You can now access multiple sources of data like SQL, Excel extra for creating interactive visualizations.

  • Custom visualization

When dealing with complex data, the default standard of Power BI might not be enough. In such cases, you can access a custom library to check the visualization to meet your standard.



Given how useful Power BI can be for the business, it is essential to understand how to use it as it will ease the entire process and ensure you have a hassle-free experience of using it for your business purposes. Karthik Trainings is the one you can trust to get a proper understanding and certification of using Power BI. Their professional and expert will help you get a good deal of the usage and every minor aspect. For sure, once you are done getting a certification, things will be a lot easier and comfortable for you. Make sure you check out the website to better understand the course structure.

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