Top Interview Questions for ServiceNow 2022

ServiceNow is a highly popular tool that catalogs and processes customer service request. It provides technical management support, including the help desk functionality for IT operations.

But as the use of an application can be quite complicated, getting a job is tough. This is why you need to have a certificate and training in the field to get a better job opportunity and salary package.

The guide here will provide you the information about the most common interview questions for ServiceNow that can be asked. It will guarantee the best for you.


ServiceNow interview questions


  1.       What do you understand by data lookup and record matching?

The data lookup and record matching are features that help set field values based on certain conditions instead of scriptwriting.

  1.       How can be impersonating a user useful?

It can be quite helpful for testing. As the administrators can access what the user can access, impersonating them can be quite helpful in testing without login out or login in again.

  1.       How do you define a record producer?

It is a catalog item that allows the users to create task base records using the service catalog.

  1.       What is an application in ServiceNow?

To describe it in simple words, it can be set in a group of modules that provides related information like view change, tickets, or create.

  1.       What do you know about ServiceNow?

It is a cloud-based IT Service management tool for handling the operations of IT services, business management, etc. Using it, the business can have proper control for locating resources and designing the process of the services.

  1.       Service now metrics- what is it?

They are responsible for recording and measuring the workflow of the individual records. In simple words, it allows the customers to arm their processes by providing certain tangible features.

  1.       What is CMDB?

Configuration management database act is a warehouse for storing the information technology installation. It stores the data which is associated with the collection of IT assets and the descriptive relationship between the assets.

  1.       What do you know about LDAP integration?

A lightweight directory access protocol is used for user data population and authentication. ServiceNow uses the LDAP directory for streamlining the login process for the user and assigning roles.

  1.       How can you disable or enable an application in ServiceNow?

For this, you have to follow the steps, which begin with the navigation to the application. When you move there then and you have to open the respective application and then set the value for active as true for enabling, and for disabling, you have to set it to false.

  1.     What is a view?

It is used for defining the arrangement of fields that is present on a list or a form. However, in one single form, one can note more than one view according to the user preference or the requirement.

  1.     What is dictionary overrides?

It has provided the ability to define a field on an extended table that is entirely different from the field on the parent table.

  1.     What are UI policies?

They are known to dynamically change the information on control custom process flows or form for the associated tasks.

They are a great alternative to client scripts. One can make use of UI policies for setting mandatory fields which are visible on the form. Besides, it can also be used for changing a field on a form.

  1.     Client script- what is it?

It sits on the browser or the client-side and runs in the same place. There are different types of client script which includes onload(), onchange() oncelledit(), submit().

  1.     Is it possible to cancel a form submission through the client script?

For canceling the submission of the form, the on summit function must be returned back to false. You can follow the following syntax

function onSubmit() {return false;}

  1.     What is a business rule?

It is a server-side script that executes the record every time it is inserted, deleted, updated, displayed, etc., while creating a business rule. When it is on, the action has to be executed. The business can be executed or run for the following states, namely before, display, and after.

  1.     What is the import set?

It is a tool that is responsible for importing the data from various data sources and then helps map it out into ServiceNow tables. Using the transform map, it acts as a table for records imported.

  1.     What is the job of the client transaction timing plugin?

The feature is used for enhancing the system locks. It provides better information on the duration of the transaction that has been done between the server and the client.

  1.     What is domain separation?

It is a way of separating the data into logically defined domains.

  1.     What do you understand from metrics ServiceNow?

Metrics is responsible for measuring and recording the workflow of the individual records. Using metrics, the custom models have an option to arm the process by providing certain tangible figures for the measure.

For instance, understanding how long it will take before the ticket can be reassigned.

  1.     Reference qualifier- what is it?

It is responsible for restricting data that can be selected for a reference field.

Understanding the available interview questions about ServiceNow is the key to clearing the interview in one attempt.

When you have a proper understanding of the platform, then getting a job with a good salary package will be quite easy. Thus it is advised to get a proper certificate in ServiceNow.



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