Selenium’s Different Flavors

In the current scenario, Selenium is a highly popular automatic testing tool used for validating web applications across different platforms and browsers. Using the platform, one can make use of multiple programming languages like Python and Java for creating Selenium test scripts.

Selenium software is a suite of software, each of them serving different testing needs of the organization. Handling the platform on your own isn’t easy. It is vital that you have proper skills to make use of it to the very best and ensure productive results. Selenium has served to be highly beneficial for businesses across the globe, but one needs to have a proper idea about Selenium so that they can use it to the very best.

Besides, there are different flavors of Selenium one must be aware of to ensure they are using the right option for the business needs. The guide here will provide you with proper information about the same.


Selenium flavors

Selenium has got four flavors. Understanding each of them is the key to avoiding any complications and choosing the best for your business.

  • Selenium IDE

In simple words, it can be said that Selenium IDE is the integrated development environment used for building Selenium test cases. It is just a Firefox add-on that provides an easy-to-use interface for running and developing individual test cases or the entire suite.

The results are regarding the future, which helps keep account of user actions just as they are performed and store them as a reusable script that can be played back.

Besides, it also has a context menu that is integrated with the Firefox browser allowing the use or picking from the list of verification and assertions for the selected location. Although it is a Firefox add, it can still be used against other browsers by using Selenium RC. It is because of the central city that Selenium IDE must only be used as a prototyping tool.


  •   Selenium RC

It is another part of Selenium that allows the test automation developer to use the programming language for maximum extensibility and flexibility in developing test logic.

For instance, if the application is being tested, there will be a result set and a need for the automated test program to run the test on each of the elements in the set, then the interaction support of the programming language can be used to rate through the result set.

All of this can happen by calling Selenium commands to do a test of each of the items. Selenium RC is known to provide API and also a library for the supported languages, including Java, Python, HTML, Ruby, etc.


  •  Selenium Grid

It is a highly popular tool that is used along with Selenium RC for running parallel tests across different machines and browsers simultaneously. Herein, parallel execution means running multiple tests at once.

The component house solution scale for the suite that might be required to run in multiple environments. Using multiple instances of Selenium, RC can be run on various operating systems and browsers.

Each of these, when launched, registers with a hub. Finally, when the test is sent to the hub, they are then redirected to an available Selenium RC that is present there to launch the browser and perform the test. This ensures parallel test running with the entire test suite theoretically taking only as long to run as the longest individual test.


  •  Selenium WebDriver

Undoubtedly the latest upgrade from Selenium has served itself to be better than Selenium RC and Selenium IDE in many aspects. It can easily implement a more stable and modern approach to automating the actions of the browser web driver.

Unlike Selenium RC, WebDriver is not reliable on JavaScript for automation; instead, it controls the browser by community creation. With this, there will be a new upgrade that comes with exciting features and improvements. The primary feature herein is the integration of WebDriver API.

It greatly addresses a number of limitations and provides an alternative programming interface that is a lot more similar to the goal of your business to develop an object-oriented API that can provide additional support for a larger number of suites and better support for motor advanced web-app testing problems.

Among all the four components of Selenium, WebDriver is the one that is highly preferred by the people, given the advantages and the features it has got over the others. Businesses across the globe are making use of it to ease their business operations and benefit from it.

Selenium is a popular tool, still has a long way to go as not all businesses have started using the automation tool to ease out the work. Despite competition in the market, it still stands strong among the other options, and it’s proving to be quite reliable and helpful for businesses in all industries. But as making use of the platform to the very best requires skill, there is a great demand for certified professionals.

This provides a great opportunity for those people who want to build a career and get a salary package. This is why it is vital to complete the certification course, as it is the key to success in the industry. Besides, having a clear idea about all the components and their features and drawbacks will help ensure that your business needs are well full and that you are choosing the right platform.



Selenium, with all of the available components, happens to be one of the best automation software tools present in the market. But as the user can be quite complicated, one needs to have a proper Idea.

This is why taking a certificate can be helpful. If you are planning to get proper knowledge and certification, then Karthik Training is the one you can trust. They have got the experts who will be there to provide proper support.

As a trusted online platform, they will guarantee you are able to learn about the tool well and use it to the very best. With expert help, you will have a better chance of getting a good salary package.


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