2022 CRM Software Comparison- Pega Vs Salesforce

The technological world is evolving greatly. There are now different platforms that are helping businesses maintain a good journey with a minimum of effort. Salesforce and Pega are the two most popular CRM software which assist businesses in the most effective manner. But they defer.

As of now, it is Salesforce that provides a simple SaaS application that could be used to track serious leads through the cloud applications that promise the business to drive better customer experiences. On the other side, Pega has gained recognition in the industry by providing BPM, which the company has subsequently extended for coming out with a set of highly integrated marketing and sales applications.

Both the platforms are striving hard to come up with the advancements and changes that will ensure businesses have a hassle-free experience for management. Salesforce has been acquiring different marketing applications that, in the coming time, will help share a common data object model with the CRM application.

When it is seen from the sales team’s point of view, then Salesforce undoubtedly is more accessible and comes loaded with CRM applications. However, there is a lot more in the Pega system approach, which considers CRM application as an essential front-end through which the business processes the entire enterprise for integration.

In fact, it is quite clear that Salesforce is playing the catch-up in terms of providing the business with an integrated application experience that helps with the entire customer experience management process.

Understanding the difference between the two is the key to know as which of the software will be helpful for your business and use it in the right manner. So make sure you go through the guide as it will provide all the vital information.


The difference

When talking about the difference between the two platforms, it is clear that Salesforce is a more accessible and multifunctional platform, while on the other side, Pega is a front-end application using which the business processes the span that helps across the enterprise for integration.

This clearly states that Salesforce is trying to come up with a better-integrated application experience that can easily cover up the management of the business. Here is the difference between the two.


  • Price

When it comes to the price of the Salesforce, it can be used at $25 per month, which will grow as more capabilities are added. Salesforce is quite popular not to negotiate on the price.

While on the other side, Pega offers different packages. But the subscription for the customer service application that runs on a single cloud platform will cost between $97 to $295 per month.

Besides, Pega can be avail through a third party vendor for about $200 per month. Remember, you can expect to pay a higher cost when you deploy Pega CRM on the premises.


  • Implementation

Salesforce has been quite helpful in getting in a cloud-based approach. While on the other side Pega system is intended for deployment on-premise or public cloud. As Salesforce is a SaaS application, businesses will find a great gap to use Salesforce to manage the business process.

Generally, it requires an expert or third-party service provider. On the other side, Pega is a robust platform that will invariably require system integrator level expertise which can significantly affect the total cost of acquisition and maintenance.


  • Usability

Salesforce for quite some years has been optimizing the user experience on the platform. It provides a good UI. It helps to easily access through any mobile device or desktop. While on the other side, Pega is more focused on coming up with the concept of case management. In each of the cases, client engagement is highly important.

The objective is to allow the salespeople to close the customer engagement. It helps intimate the customers that can help find the solutions. In this request, the required data will get logged in to the application, which cannot be accessed immediately.

Salesforce is working to enhance the working capabilities into a square platform regularly, while Pega is more focused on the customers.


  • Customization

Salesforce offers a great opportunity for customization. It includes a series of low code lightning application development tools. It assures to provide end-users to have some knowledge to easily build applications.

In fact, Salesforce has started to make the elements of low code platforms available as an open-source code on the site. On the other side, Pega makes use of different visual tools for helping organizations to customize the application, which makes it somewhat easier to customize the app when they are starting.


  • Features and addons

The Salesforce platform comes with a lot of features. It is a great advantage when it comes to the scope and size of the application stores, which provides an opportunity to discover the number of modulation extensions like marketing automation tools. The core of the strategy is customer record which allows all of its own advanced office and third-party software to be invoked to a common object model.

Salesforce also has been working hard to expand the application model. It works along with the third-party vendors so that it can provide completely different UI frequently. On the other side, Pega has the same set-up. It ensures that applications share the same code base, providing a more transparent user experience throughout the portfolio of applications.

Besides, it also includes marketing applications, customer service, etc. The system has developed the implementation of an application suite that is optimized for particular vertical industries.



Undoubtedly both of the applications can work great for the business. But it is vital to understand the need and then choose the one that will work well. But the thing that remains common in both is the requirement of the skills for handling the cases.

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Besides, the certification will ensure you are able to get a better job opportunity and salary package that is absolutely worth it. So make sure to start with your certification course to get good benefits.

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