AWS vs. Azure- Which One You Should Choose in 2022

Cloud computing is receiving great popularity in the market. There are two most popular service providers, namely Microsoft Azure and AWS. Both of them are fighting hard to stay ahead in the competition. Cloud storage companies are dedicated to helping people and coming up with solutions that can assure proper support.

When looking superficially, you might believe that AWS has an unprecedented edge over Azure, but when things are considered in a deeper aspect, then the decision isn’t easy. For determining the best cloud Service provider, one needs to consider different factors such as the cloud storage pricing rate of data available for your business.


The origin

Amazon, during early 2000 was forced to examine the development platform for catering the third-party clients. Over the years, it has developed its infrastructures and multiple other features that help perform the same task. But it provided no efficiency. In an effort, Amazon finally detangled the mess and replaced it with a well-documented API.

AWS, as of now, is the world-leading provider for cloud solutions that is happily serving some of the highly popular platforms like Netflix.

Undoubtedly, when compared to Azure, AWS has the upper hand as it came into the market in 2002 while Azure was launched in 2010. Microsoft thought that the cloud infrastructure was just a trend that would soon go away.

Thus they faced a lot of challenges. But despite that, it has managed to come up with the solution that is providing great business assistance.


AWS vs Azure

Undoubtedly both the platforms, in their own ways, have contributed to the welfare of society. NASA is making use of the AWS platform for its huge videos, audio files, or pictures to keep it all at one centralized location. While non-profit organizations are making use of AWS for the early warning system.

On the other side, Azure was used for creating a platform that ensures vaccination is properly stored. Besides, it also helps find solutions to the looming freshwater crisis in the world. Both the platforms have got their own usage.

Undoubtedly both platforms are well respected in the cloud domain. They fight for a bigger piece in the industry. Azure holds about 9.4 % of the installed application, while AWS has 41.5%. In the year 2017 AWS market had about 47.1 % with a revenue of about $3.6 billion. On the other side, the Azure market didn’t even rise above 10%.

However, things have changed since 2018, and Azure has grown over 90% this year. The platform is trying to cope with the growing demand for other cloud computing options. They are coming up with new and latest changes and advancements that ensure that the platform reaches the top place and makes it easier for businesses to find the solutions they need.

But in the end, it is vital to consider the needs of the business before you can go ahead to choose a platform.


The difference

When it comes to the difference between the two platforms then, there are plenty of things one needs to know about. The platforms come with their own advantages and challenges. The platforms are the top players in the industry because they are very good at what they are providing in different ways.

In order to make a list narrower to know which platform is better, here is an evaluation of the benefits each certification is providing.


AWS certification benefits

The market share of Azure is rising greatly, but AWS is by far the largest computing service provider in the world. The certification carries extra weight because of the market condition, which keeps up with demand. There are a number of companies making use of the platform.

Besides, the certification also grants access to the LinkedIn community and other professionals. There are different certifications and professionals one can choose from for the job like AWS solution architect, AWS developer associate, etc.


Azure certification

The certification comes with a backup from the Microsoft brand, which provides an added benefit for getting familiar with the in-house data platforms. As of now, it is used by about 55% of all the fortune 500 companies. Thus gaining a certificate will increase the possibility of the candidate getting a better job in these companies.

In addition to this, about 365000 new companies per year are shifting to Azure. The stats keep on increasing with time. Thus the demand for certified professionals is ever increasing. As an expert, there are different options one can choose from, like developing Microsoft solutions, cloud architect, etc.

Both the platform AWS and Azure are considered to be reliable, adaptable, and the superheroes of the industry. They are helping businesses to solve global problems and make life easy. The platform can easily adapt to the needs of the customer. They are serving as a helping hand to the government and the companies for solving various logical and social issues.

No doubt, the platform professional bring in a revolution without having to break the bank. The cloud system has made it possible for companies to exist and take benefit of all the services.



Cloud computing software is here to stay in the long run. Besides, given the demand for the platforms, it is evident that the job opportunities will keep increasing every year. So if you are interested in the industry, then taking a certification course is highly advised as it is the only means to get a better salary package.

If you plan on getting certified, then Karthik Training is the platform you can rely on. They have got expert professionals to help you get a proper understanding and learning of cloud computing software. They are you to ease the process for you and provide proper assistance.

As a reliable platform, they keep up with the needs of the people and guarantee one has a hassle-free experience of gaining a proper understanding of the platform that will improve the chances of success in the industry.


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