What are the Different Components of Selenium?

The world of automation tools has evolved greatly. There are now a lot of platforms that businesses can consider to ease the daily operations and have great convenience. Selenium is one of the highly anticipated and used automation testing tools. The platform for years has been widely used for testing web-based applications. It is not a single tool but a mix of different tools.

Basically, there are four components: RC, Selenium IDE, WebDriver, and Grid. But out of all, it is the Grid, and WebDriver is the most popular one. The different components of Selenium use different features, support capabilities, etc. No doubt, the platform can greatly help automate the website and does not depend on the technology and investor application designed. Besides, the execution speed and performance of the Selenium automation tool are a lot better than the other options available in the market.

The guide has covered different aspects of the components of Selenium. Thus, you will get a proper idea about all the components.


  • Selenium IDE

It was quite a simple playback and record type of tool which comes with an add-on feature for Mozilla Firefox. The platform is used for prototype testing. The test cases returned herein can be exported in different programming languages like Java, Ruby, C#, etc. While the debug and edit options along with the records are also available herein. It is a great tool for beginners to understand Selenium WebDriver.

It is an easy-to-use tool that any of the developers can use for automating test cases on the application. It is primarily used for running or recording the tools that a test case developer might require for selenium test cases. However, it is not reliable, which is why it isn’t widely used.


  • Selenium RC

It was the first tool that was released in the Selenium suite. The previous platform was known as JavaScript execute. It was because of RC that Selenium got such great popularity in the market. In fact, it provided proper support for different programming languages like Ruby, Java, Python, etc. It also supports most of the vendors of browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome. All of those browsers that support JavaScript can easily be automated using these tools.

In Selenium RC, the process is manually known as the Selenium server, which is quite mandatory to start the execution. It acts as a middleman between the browser and the code. The commands are then sent to the server, which integrates and converts it into JavaScript, and then finally, the information from the JavaScript is injected into the browser. Once done, the integration carries on the command and then returns the code in the respective language.


  • Selenium WebDriver

It is known to be a highly useful and popular tool of the Selenium suite. It was developed because of the limitations that the businesses were facing with RC. The great thing is that there is no manual operation here like other selenium-server. There is direct communication between the browser and the code.

The best aspect is that the Selenium WebDriver supports all the key vendors of the browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet explorer. This suite also supports languages like Ruby, Java, python. With its easy-to-remember ATI, one can easily handle the platform and carry out the testing. Besides, the framework development of the platform is quite easy to understand.

Even a newbie in the industry can easily handle the platform. But undoubtedly, for the professional level of use is, there is a requirement for proper certification and learning.

The Selenium WebDriver does not require the Selenium server to act as a middleman. Herein the APIs are directly written in the WebDriver, which then interacts with the browsers.


  • Selenium grid

Finally, it is the last component widely used for distributed or parallel testing. It allows businesses to execute a script on different machines simultaneously. There is a hub on the platform which is responsible for controlling the execution of various machines and multiple nodes. Thus the actual interpretation is made.

The platform is independent and can easily support all the operating systems. Besides this, the browser in dependency supports almost all the major browsers vendors. A great thing here is the fast execution which reduces the execution time as the test cases can easily be carried out parallel.

Here one of the systems is created as the hub, which works at the center for controlling all the nodes on the platform. The nodes are actually the machine on which the execution is done.

The Selenium RC and Selenium IDE are considered to be the least used components, which is why they aren’t widely used as the other components. However, you must know that all of the Selenium components are known to provide some of the other benefits to the business. But undoubtedly, it is a Selenium WebDriver, which happens to be the best because of the convenience and ease of work it offers. It helps solve the problems of the business easily without any worry.



For reducing the hassle of everyday business operations, using the Selenium components will work great. However, it is essential to have a proper understanding and how to use them so that you can make the most of them. The experts who have a proper idea about the uses and the application are highly respected and demanded in the market.

This is why getting a certification won’t harm you. In fact, it will increase your worth and allow you to get a better pay scale. If you are considering getting the certification, then you can trust Karthik Training. They provide online training programs that can be completed right from the comfort of your home as per your own schedule. They have experts who will guarantee you get well-versed with the components and have a proper understanding of its uses and different aspects. For sure, with professional assistance and certification, you will have a better chance of succeeding in the industry.

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