Zoho vs Salesforce- Which One is Better for Business

The CRM once meant the manual process like the spreadsheet or the address books. But the software has now replaced this with a better contact management system that is helping organizations build and maintain their relationship with the customers. Seeing the demand and popularity of cloud storage in recent years, CRM has become a crucial business enabler across marketing, support, sales, and accounting teams.

In fact, the report has revealed that about 91% of businesses make use of CRM software. It is now the fastest-growing software that is used across the globe. But to make the most benefit from the process, one needs to choose the right tool and consider different factors for integration and ensure a better user experience. The popular platforms include Zoho and Salesforce.

Both of these CRM platforms have received great responses in the industry. But you must know how they differ to choose the best one for your need. The guide here has clearly mentioned the things that will help you understand different aspects.


Zoho CRM

Zoho is an online sales customer relationship management software that is meant for managing the marketing sales and support all in one platform.



Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform that comes with the application for services like sales, marketing, and more, which helps bring the companies and customers together.


The difference

Both platforms provide comprehensive solutions for reporting, contact management, sales enablement, and team collaborations. In fact, they have got their limitations and merits. On one side, Salesforce is an undisputed industry standard.

On the other side, Zoho CRM provides integration and low pricing with a range of other business tools and processes. Here is detailed information about the same.

  • Ease of use

Both platforms are known for providing extensive customization options. Besides that, also include tools that help filter the information in a large contact list and see specific sales pipeline. Zoho, on one side, has set up wizards that enable ease. While the interface here remains to be fairly intuitive for the new users.

On the other side Salesforce is more complex, which requires a skilled professional for handling the job. This is why the businesses have to hire a dedicated administrator who can oversee the management and implementation to manage things in the company.

  • Automation

Undoubtedly automating the workload is highly essential for the business. In fact, it’s also one of the main benefits one gets by upgrading to professional CRM software. With a combination of rule-based lead scoring and data-driven insights, both platforms are perfectly capable of automating different routing workflows.

On one side, using the Zoho platform, you can automate the key processes with contacts, leads, fast accounts, etc. While the forecasting is available with the standard that comes with professional. On the other side, Salesforce automation benefits are gated with lead registration, higher plans, collaborative forecasting, etc.

You need to pay a certain amount for professional workflow and approval automation. Both the platforms can greatly support marketing automation with CRM. But for taking things ahead, Salesforce can add potentially more due to the hospitality it provides. However, it will require higher subscription tires.

  • Scalability

Choosing a platform is not easy. You need to choose a platform that supports future business growth. While it is important to avoid being locked up in the tools as it can be quite time-consuming and expensive.

So Zoho offers an affordable plan for small businesses, which also provides enterprise to satisfy the demand for the large business firms. Salesforce is the same, but undoubtedly when it comes to the scalability department, it is according to the global industry standards.

  • Pricing

When you choose Zoho CRM, then you will have five pricing tears. On the other side, Salesforce provides only four subscription plans that start with a suitable price which is for very small businesses of 3 to 4 users. The Zoho price herein for a standard subscription will be about $12 per month. While the professional version can be availed at $20, the ultimate version at $45, and the Enterprise edition at $35.

On the other side, the cost of the Salesforce cloud price will begin at $25 per month for the essential version. While for the professional package, one needs to spend $75, and also there is an enterprise version for $150 and an unlimited version for $300 per month.

The platforms provide comprehensive features, including mass mailing, contact management, etc. One needs to consider the price for checking the one best for business. No doubt, Salesforce seems to be one of the most expensive CRM.

But it is by far the richest in terms of the features it is providing, including the advanced reporting rule-based lead score in excel.

  • Customer support

CRM software is a vital part of business organizations. Thus there can be a requirement for customer support at any time. Salesforce provides a local support team in the US and other countries that fulfill industry standards, and also it has a huge part of the third network consultant prepared to provide the services.

In contrast, Zoho only relies on peer-to-peer support. The users can tap on enhanced support options by paying the extra monthly price.



When it comes to choosing between Zoho and Salesforce, the end decision depends entirely on the needs of the business and other factors. Make sure you consider it all so that the platform you invest in is of absolute worth. But no matter the platform you are choosing, you need to know about the use.

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