AWS Cloud Market share 2022

Cloud computing is growing tremendously and offering new opportunities for businesses who want to establish themselves as a leader in the market. Amazon Web service, AWS is one of the leading companies that is dominating the industry.

It is vital that one has a clear idea about this platform and knows all the essential aspects so that they are able to make use of it to the very best. Besides, you must have an idea about the platform’s market share to understand how it has grown over the years and where it stays in the competition. It will allow you to choose the best platform for your business.


AWS- What is it?

Amazon Web services is a Amazon built application. It provides cloud services with its own solutions and infrastructures. It is not a subdivision of any parent company. The platform is so large that it offers the users a range of cloud services, right from basic hosting to blockchain and a lot more.

All the resources available are interconnected. They have got dedicated data centres located worldwide, which assures fast and better user experience to the customers.

In recent years the platform has received great popularity making it a top competitor and a preferable choice among businesses. Undoubtedly the demand will increase in the future as more and more businesses will shift to the platform for getting all the benefits it is providing at an affordable date.


AWS market share in web hosting

As of now web hosting industry is on the rise. It can be said that AWS is the second leading web hosting software globally. As per the report, Amazon is leading the chart by standing strong in the second position with a 10.7% global cloud market share. Google  stays at third while Microsoft Azure stands at the 20th position with a 1.14 % cloud market share.

Besides, Amazon is not being very specific cloud computing company but still has successfully overtaken the other web hosting companies by providing services at a cheaper rate. The market share of AWS includes 1.4 million companies. The percentage does not clearly specify the actual numbers but the actual stats of the web hosting market can make a great deal for illustrating the AWS market share.

Here are the live numbers of the website currently that is hosted on AWS. The reports state about 1,428,012 live websites are hosted on AWS, making it about 1.4 million, equal to the total population of a small country.

In fact, some of the leading companies and brands like Facebook Netflix are known to use the services on AWS. They have made AWS their first choice. US market share for AWS is about 32%. Thus Amazon has become the biggest service provider and a top contender for other platforms like Microsoft Azure.


Total revenue and net worth

It has been identified that AWS has shown some incredible potential growth, with the market share rising tremendously in the last seven years. It has managed to increased greatly. It was noted that in 2014 AWS had about a market share of $4.6 billion while it increased to $14.8 billion in 2021 Q2.

Thus this indicated a steady growth of revenue. From this data, it is widely clear that the cloud platform has got the potential for transforming the billion-dollar business into the multi-dollar and even higher. It has not only grown in terms of revenue but also in cloud market share.


AWS market share and revenue

From the reports revealed by Gartner, it was identified that the public cloud market would hit about three $397.4 billion by 2022. This clearly shows the massive positive growth that has happened due to the pandemic and is creating opportunities and needs for a virtual workforce and dependency on cloud resources.

With the help of the companies that continue to accelerate and save the business every year, cloud computing has become a mainstream that is increasing overall cloud spending. AWS is doing it all to support the solutions that the businesses need to stay in the competition. It is completely focused on maintaining and providing a secured environment for the users.

You will be provided with access that will help to easily manage and access any protected or sensitive data available. You can even process it or store it in cloud storage based on the requirement. Some of the features of the platform, like thread detection or monitoring, will help you prepare and take necessary measures right on time before any potential security issues.

This will help prevent any risk. But a vital thing to note here is that no matter how much measure one takes, there is still a possibility for human error. Thus the risk arises due to misinterpretation or use of the website, which is hard to avoid the platform. No doubt, it is quite clear that the AWS market share is quite high from the competitors.

But Amazon has greatly lost its position in recent years due to the advancement of technology and other platforms coming up with additional services. It was noted that Microsoft and Google had shown some positive results by improving the cloud business rapidly. Still, AWS stand out to be the biggest cloud service provider with a market share of about 32% of the total amount.



Undoubtedly, AWS serves as a highly reliable and popular online platform that can help businesses grow and succeed. But the management of the platform can be quite complicated, for which there is a requirement for skills. The businesses are looking for certified and skilled professionals who can handle the job well.

If you are planning to take a certification course, then Karthik Training is the best when you can consider it. They have got the experts who will guarantee to provide you with proper understanding and learning of the platform so that you are able to handle and manage it in the best possible manner. Once you are done with the certification, you have a better chance of getting a good salary package.

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