Career Path in Selenium and its Scope- Future of Automation Testing

The industries are evolving quite fast. There are no different platforms and applications coming up every day to help businesses ease out their operations. Selenium is one of those many popular online platforms that can provide great convenience. Given the need and demand for the people who understand the platform, there are a number of online courses and training programs available to help people get a better understanding. But the question is, using Selenium out of all the other options is a good career choice. No doubt you might have a lot of questions storming in your head, but the career opportunities available in Selenium and the future of the industry is something you need to consider before you choose it as your career. The guide here will help you get proper information and help you decide the best.


Selenium- What is it?

Selenium is a globally recognized open-source framework that is usually used for automating tests on different platforms and browsers. There are different programming languages like Java, Python, and Ruby, all used for creating Selenium test scripts. It is not just single but software that contains everything that is required by an organization for the testing process. There is a wide range of tools that makes applications quite popular and the best among the automation.


Selenium popularity

Selenium is a widely used option among developers in the software industry. In fact, as per the report, Selenium is a highly popular web testing tool that comes with about 300% growth in job posting. The results have been noted down seeing the condition of the past three years. In fact, the tech research experts reported that Selenium has got the highest adoption rate in the automation testing tools. But the question is, why is Selenium so popular among the major organizations. It is because of

  • Multi-browser capability
  • Support for mobile web application
  • Support for cross-browser testing
  • Multi-platform support
  • Comprehensive support and documentation

Selenium is the most preferred skill in the testing domain, which comes with massive traction in the countries like Australia, the US, India, etc., where the jobs are skyrocketing and come with a great pay scale. The major companies like Facebook, Microsoft, etc., also prefer Selenium for their automation needs.


Selenium job roles

The job role of a person in Selenium varies from company to company. It can either be associated with a web application or mobile development. Mentioned here are the few job roles that will provide you with certain basic insight as to what career options Selenium WebDriver professional has.

  • Senior quality engineer
  • Selenium tester
  • Selenium test analyst
  • Selenium automation engineer
  • Mobile testing lead
  • Software development test engineer and more

Selenium job salary

Salary for Selenium experts varies based on the company and the skill sets of the person. Also, experience is considered before the salary is finally decided. As per Indeed, the average salary for a Selenium tester in the US can be between $60,259 to $100,971. While in the UK the job experts are increasing greatly with an average salary of 50000 pounds.

There have been researches and reports. It is expected that the global automation testing market will reach around 28.8 billion USD dollars by 2024. This clearly indicates that the market condition for Selenium is on the rise and won’t slow down. Thus it is just the right time for the experts to keep themselves involved in the industry and benefit from this creative career.


Companies hiring Selenium experts

Undoubtedly in the current scenario, all of the companies prefer Selenium for the testing tools. However, the major companies that regularly hire professionals who have got strong skill sets in Selenium include Tech Mahindra, Dell Oracle, Hitachi, Unitedhealth Group, Cognizant, IBM, L&T, ADP, CGI, etc.


Future scope for Selenium Experts

Web applications these days are considered to be the next big thing for companies globally. In fact, the test automation market trends are rising extensively. It will create demand for Selenium. Most of the top organizations globally rely on Selenium resources for test automation needs. For someone ready to dive deep into test automation and have advanced-level expertise, then Selenium serves to be a rewarding career option.

No software has been produced without any issue. This clearly shows that the need for automation testing is never-ending. The future is quite right for Selenium with endless opportunities. But one cannot exactly get the job. One must have to become a professional, which is not easy. One needs to take proper training and complete the education so that they are well versed with the software that can be used for solving issues. This clearly shows that the need for automation testing is never-ending. The future is quite right for Selenium, with endless opportunities but certainly not least. Having proper expertise is the key here for handling different aspects of the problems arising. Undoubtedly an expert can get a high pay as a professional handling the Selenium platform. Although it will take time for you to reach the expert level for sure, it will be absolutely worth it in the future.



It is quite clear that Selenium is the future of tomorrow. The professionals who are willing to build a career in Selenium will prosper greatly. No doubt automation will become the cornerstone of the tech world, and people with the skills and technology can get great benefits in the coming time. But as the use of the platform can be quite complicated, one needs to understand every minor aspect. This is why taking a certification is important. To get the right assistance, you can trust Karthik Training. They are known for providing the best training and certification programs for Selenium and different other software. Irrespective of your need, you can find the best training program that can be carried on right from your home. Not to mention the cost of their online certification courses is highly affordable, which makes it absolutely worth contacting them for the training.

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