Different Career Opportunity in Power BI

Power BI has become one of the highly popular tools which are used by businesses for handling different aspects and reducing the workload on the employees. The Power BI thus provides a great career opportunity. However, you must understand the platform and the job opportunities one can get by getting a certification course done.

Power BI is a simple term that is a collection of architectures, processes, and technology that help transform the raw data into something informing and meaningful content for driving profitable business actions. It supports logical decision-making and fact base y analyzing the historical data but not consumption. Most business firms are making use of the tool for visualizing the data.


Power BI career opportunities

Business intelligence in the current time is one of the most stunning domains. They are getting complex with every passing day, which is why the firms are looking for technologies that can help them visualize the data in real-time and get meaningful insights. Power BI is a popular business intelligence tool.

It has brought a much-awaited solution that transforms the way businesses now operate. The need and demand for power BI skilled professionals are high in every industry. So if you are confused if there is a bright future in the industry, then you can go ahead with the option.

It is not just the job of the data analyst but also the other options that are in high demand. Some of the popular job profiles herein include.

  • Power BI project manager
  • Power BI consultant
  • Power BI developer
  • Power BI administrator
  • SQL server power BI developer
  • Power BI semantic model developer

Based on your area of interest, you can choose the career option that is well suited for you and can help you succeed. But make sure you understand clearly all the essentials before making a final decision.


Why does the business use Power BI? 

Data undoubtedly happens to be the most valuable asset for the business as it allows them to make decisions about the upcoming business growth and strategies. In the current scenario with a data-driven business marketplace, things have become highly important to consider the numbers analyze trends, and other aspects before taking any action. Each of the companies has a lot of data daily.

Thus, making it difficult to analyze things manually. For this reason, businesses are now making use of computing solutions to get a 360 view of the data and take future actions for proper growth. Although there are a number of data monitoring tools, it is Power BI that stays on the top.

In fact, as per the reports, it is known that Microsoft power BI is ranked number 1 due to the positive sales experience and high level of customer satisfaction it is providing to the businesses.


Power BI developer Skills Requirement

To be successful professional handling the Power BI, you need to have certain skills that will guarantee the best outcomes for you.

  • One needs to be a graduate in IT or computer science or anything that hold similar qualifications
  • The applicant trying to get a certification must be good with JavaScript, SQL, and CSS knowledge
  • One must have good experience on data warehousing projects
  • It is vital that the expert has 3 years of working experience on any self-service tool.


The job role of Power BI developers

  • The expert is responsible for developing custom visuals
  • They are expected to have knowledge of designing, prototyping, and requirement analysis
  • The expert needs to build analysis service reporting models
  • The professionals need to translate the raw data into visuals
  • Professionals needs to come up with data models based on the business requirements
  • The experts need to integrate a Power BI report with other applications by making use of embedded analytics like the API automation
  • It is the job of the professionals to design methodologies and prepare a project documentation
  • The experts need to build queries on the platform

The roles of the experts in the industry vary greatly. Make sure you have a clear idea about the job profile before you choose a career option. This will guarantee you have a better chance of succeeding.


Future scope of Power BI

It is an excellent cloud-based tool that works great for data visualization. It has become a favorite tool for businesses globally, and his never going to see a dip in the coming future. Besides being a product of Microsoft, which has already launched different products that are ruling the industry globally, the application for sure is here to stay.

The businesses are making a move to the cloud platform, leaving an on-premise work environment. Thus Power BI serves to provide a great scope in the upcoming time because of the cloud-based tool. Thus, the future for Power BI is quite wide and those who are looking for a career in it.


Top companies hiring the experts

Some of the popular companies looking for Power BI skilled professionals include TCS essential, HCL technologies, Infosys Limited, Wipro technologies limited, Alliance global services sector.

Irrespective of your job profile, you will be able to get a good salary package which will be with an average of about $60000. Remember the job profile and the salary package will increase with your experience and skill sets.



Given the demand for Power BI, it is quite evident that the platform is here to stay and will provide great job opportunities for people. No matter you are a fresher or an experienced person, there are plenty of jobs in the industry waiting for you. But it is vital to have the proper certification to get a good job.

So make sure you get proper certification courses done. Karthik Training is the platform you can rely on for expert assistance. They have got experienced professionals who will be there to guide and instruct you about the application and guarantee to get a better understanding of it. With the expert’s help, you will have a better chance of learning things well and succeeding in the industry.

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